Our Approach

An Island LLC is our Parent and Flagship company located in Indiana, USA which is mainly focusing on High end IT strategy and compliance to large corporate companies. Consulting practices include implementation of ERP applications like SAP, Sox Compliance, Six Sigma etc. An Island LLC is also diversifying their focus to other areas such as software development, Venture Capital investments and new business opportunities. Aiway Inc. USA is 100% subsidiary of An Island LLC and their main focus is in software development for consumers and companies. Aiway Inc. USA has invested a lot of time and money in developing various cloud based applications and are planning to launch in ‘modules’. Aiway Inc. USA, in order to increase their capacity for their development team to their global customers and initiate services to the Indian market, started Aiway Solutions (India) Private Limited in Chennai.

Our Story

We are skilled professionals with over 300+ years of combined cross industry experience in Design, Development , Implementation, Service and Support of Informational Systems and Technologies.

Our expertise includes cloud computing, project management, project implementation, business process automation, business continuity, training, and managing data centers. In addition we also develop custom applications and special software programs.

Our motto is to provide excellent service and products to our customers at an affordable price.

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