Education Enterprise Application


Education Enterprise Application is a complete ERP solution for educational institutes to automate and manage all your institute’s systems and processes. It can be used by K12 Schools, Affiliated Colleges, Vocational Institutes, Boards and Universities. This software can be either hosted within the institute’s premise or can be used as cloud software to access anywhere anytime. It’s user friendly, easy to customize, cost effective, secure and reliable. It has wide range of features and also comes with mobile support and multi-language support.

Core features include Student Admission And Transfer, Fee Payment, Time Table, Student Diary, Student Information System, Class/Batch Management, Course And Syllabus Management, Student And Employee Attendance, Hostel/Dorm Management, Transport Management, Role Based Login for Principal/Staff/Teachers/Parents/Students/IT Head/Director/Accountant/Admin, Leave/Vacation System, Notice Board And Curriculum, Event and Holiday Calendar, Employee Management, Department Management, Staff Information System and various Campus Reports.

Value Added Features include Mobile Support, Cloud Server To Access Anywhere Anytime, Desktop Addition To Access With Institute Premise, Alert And Notification System, User Management, Role And Permission Management, Campus News Publishing, User Alert Inbox, Client Subscription Plan, Multiple Language Support, Vendor Advertisement Management, SMS and Email Alerts.
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EEA is a single integrated software that fulfills the requirements of all the departments of a campus. With one login, one can see all the relevant information across the departments. It is useful for management, staff of all the departments, parents and students as well. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime with a simple login. EEA is available to all users everywhere, at all times with latest information and updates of the campus. EEA is available in Cloud, Mobile and Desktop platforms. EEA is flexible and scalable so at any time you can increase and decrease data usages and pay as per data usage. It is easy to integrate with existing software. It includes almost all the processes needed in a campus to automate various departments like Academic, HR, Accounts, Library, Transport, Hostel/Dorm, Examination etc. EEA has easy and automatic communication via inbuilt alerts, sms and emails.


The number of online users increased drastically in students and parents. EEA integrates information and data of all the departments in one single place so the information can be accessed instantly with no effort. Processes are automated to make all resources more efficient and productive. No need to buy hardware, allocate server room, invest in power backups, air conditioner or appoint additional expert IT staff. EEA is a highly secure platform where information and data flow across the network is in encrypted form. EEA is developed on a stable and secure framework. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed because it is not a ‘Ready Made’ software but it is offered as customized software that work as per your way of working to make it ‘Easy To use’ as per your need.



Campus users only need to open EEA URL ( in web browsers with valid login credentials to access the software. EEA will have strict authentication and authorization algorithms with set of roles and permission so that no other unauthorized user can access campus data. EEA has support in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages and adding more regional and international languages so users can opt and see the information in their own native language. Users can also view SMS in their own language that they have opted.


Campus management and administration can access campus reports to view campus, student and staff related data to track the staff productivity and academic progress. Teachers and faculties can track the classrooms and students where they are taking lectures. Parent can receive email and SMS related to his/her kid academic progress, exam result, attendance etc. Student can view timetable, examination schedule, syllabus and chapter’s details, events and holiday’s details, transport routes, scholarship, training, placement and competition details.